So you’re a festival author — now what? FAQs and more

What is Sched?

Sched is the scheduling program we use to organize the festival. Every participant has their own profile, with photo and bio. Attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and moderators are able to have profiles as well. Users can create personal schedules, mark themselves as “Attending",” and share events with others. To see it, go to

Why isn’t my bio and profile updated in Sched?

We will do our best to make sure all the profiles are complete by the festival, but there is something you can do! By signing into Sched with the email address provided to us, you have access to your profile. From there you should be able to edit it, upload a photo and bio, and include all the information you’d like festival attendees to know about you.

What do I do when I arrive in Missoula?

When you arrive in Missoula, please check in at Fact and Fiction Downtown at 220 N Higgins. If you are staying at any of the hotels where we had courtesy blocks, or at the Shady Spruce Hostel, Fact and Fiction should be within walking distance. Sam, Tess or a volunteer will be waiting with your tote bag, festival program, lanyard and button (which comes with discounts to local coffee shops, bars and stores.) As of now, the festival “hub” will be at Fact and Fiction all weekend, though we will also have a presence at every single venue and at the exhibitor fair at the Residence Inn (Merc Hotel) on Saturday.

What does my event entail?

Generally, there are three different kinds of events. You can see what kind of event you have by looking at it in Sched. A well-trained volunteer will be at every event to introduce authors, organize the structure of the event, solve problems and answer questions.


Readings, of which there are few, feature an individual author in the familiar format. They will read an excerpt of their work, talk about that work and take questions from the audience.

Reading and Discussion

In a reading a discussion, all participants will have an equal amount of time to read an excerpt of their work. Some of these events will have a moderator present who will facilitate a discussion. For those that don’t, when each reader has presented, they should self-moderate a discussion amongst themselves, then open up to the audience for questions.


In a panel discussion, participants will not present their work but will discuss the topic at hand. A volunteer or moderator will introduce all authors, or they may choose to introduce themselves.


A volunteer well-versed in the equipment and venue will be available to help set up and introduce the performer.


A volunteer well-versed in the technology will be available to help set up and introduce the presentation.