TextCraft Things:

-Our last meeting before the book festival will take place August 21, from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. at Draught Works. 

-If you’re interested in sharing a piece of TextCraft art (made at a session or any other time) as part of our book festival exhibit, the deadline to get it to Mara or I is Sept. 10. Some of you have already given me lovely things – thank you! Our exhibit will be held in the conference space F&F shares with their neighbor architects from Sept. 20-25. Anyone, even folks who’ve never come, are totally welcome to be part of this.

-All kinds of cool text art activities at this year’s book festival, Thursday mainly, thanks to MAM and Montgomery and many others. The schedule is nearly done but I’ll post things to our final pre-fest TextCraft event page and on city walls (?) and everywhere else they’ll let me. I hope you can join in.